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Monaco joins TMview

Monaco joins TMview

Monaco is entering a database, TMview, which is now composed of 64 countries, most of which are major and which are expected to continue to expand.

This will make it possible to speed up the processing of files for the Principality's law firms, which have legitimately been called upon to support the IPR in its mission and also in its development by increasing the number of requests.

This tool will be crucial to accelerate anteriority search strategies by having the brand or brands that could create risks in relation to new projects of Monegasque companies and citizens in terms of brands. Indeed, any export strategy must be based on unassailable and healthy Monegasque brands and then allow them to be used as part of foreign national or regional extensions.

In addition, the time thus saved will make it possible to contact the applicants for the said revealed trademarks and, if necessary, to reach an agreement with them while safeguarding the interests of our clients in time and space. This accessibility will allow DPI to focus on the qualitative missions necessary for the Promotion of our Principality as we do in our firm in perfect symbiosis.

However, this apparently facilitated access will require greater caution in order to allow the Monegasque firm mandated to detect any information on the beneficial owners, the wording of the goods and services or any alteration in the condition of the trademark that may change the course of the expertise beyond the raw data.

This accessibility to TMview should not be a guarantee of the feasibility of a project or strategy but should only be used to ensure the durability of a proposed brand, reminding that this tool also has a strong limit and that it makes it possible to identify identical brands alone or in composition but in no case similar brands that are phonetically, visually or conceptually proven to create confusion with the proposed name to mark its product or service.

To go further, you can consult the website of the European Intellectual Property Office online: