SHERPA IP, your exclusive management tool !

SHERPA IP, your exclusive management tool !

SHERPA IP is an interactive platform for the management of intangible assets.

SHERPA IP is the result of many years of Research & Development in terms of functional coverage and the underlying processes, and has been designed to manage the entire life cycle of an intellectual property portfolio.
SHERPA IP is the management tool for all trademark and design files, domain names, disputes, monitoring, etc., used by our team to:

  • POPULATE data
  • ANALYSE portfolios
  • DIGITISE official documents
  • STORE and secure documents
  • SEND instructions to partners
  • FOLLOW UP on expiry dates

An intuitive, confidential, personal and easily accessible area for the real-time management of ongoing files, the platform provides our clients with access to all their files to:

  • CONSULT their asset portfolio
  • FILTER by geographical area
  • EXPORT the updated portfolio data to Excel
  • ACCESS correspondence and expiry dates
  • FOLLOW budget status